Ever Mine

Ever Mine - Eden Ashe First things first, is that cover not absolutely stunning? I must admit that I judge books by their covers. Horribly shameful of me, but it is the truth. If the cover intrigues me enough, I'll even read books outside of my normal genre. This was the case with Ever Mine. I'm not normally into urban fantasy romance. My preference is for fantasy romance however, so I thought it wouldn't be too far off.

This is a very short read, almost a novella in size I think. The fact that I felt I really knew the two main characters pretty well in such a short amount of time was pretty fantastic. Also, in that short amount of time, there were at least four intimate scenes. Unfortunately, for me this wasn't a very good thing, but I know for many others out there, you will be quite pleased.

Nathan was a really good guy. He just left his fiance two months before the beginning of this book, and his ended the engagement to be true to his heart. He is quite the gentleman in not wanting to even come close to abusing anyone of the female sex, but unfortunately, he ends up letting those females walk all over him. His biggest flaw in my opinion was his cursing. It drove me a little crazy.

Katenia is a royal type fairy who gets kidnapped and winds up on Nathan's deskas a gift from his crazy aunt. She is a powerful woman who fights for what she loves. However, she does have her own fears and vulnerabilities. Katenia struggles a lot with figures of speech, and I thought it was kind of cute the way she learns of the human world.

Well, there is some action in this story, so it did get pretty exciting from that point. I didn't like how the romance was mostly a physical attraction. Lastly, the witch kind of just gets thrown in the mix weirdly. Some of the bits kind of just seem thrown in at awkward times.

This book was received early from Netgalley/Publisher in return for an honest review.