Under a Wild Sky

Under a Wild Sky - Sasha Lord I did in fact quite enjoy the majority of this book. There was a lot of everything I love in this book. It was in a historical setting. There was magic involved. The was a pretty good love story. There was a bit of a mystery. Lastly, the heroine was not a damsel in distress in the usual form.

Kalial (I love that name by the way) is a young woman who is princess of a people who dwells in the forest of Lock Nidean. Her entire life was for her to protect the forest, her people, and a very old secret of them both. She is very strong and talented when it comes to throwing daggers and shooting bows. She can also communicate with animals around her. Because of her position within the tribe and magical abilities, she was raised slightly apart from the other children. This definitely left her lacking in social skills.

Ronin just lost his entire family and the castle he called home to an evil man named Lothian. Lothian is trying to find the "Scottish Gold" that he believed Ronin's family knows about. Ronin escapes Lothian into the forest, but he is relentlessly pursued by Lothian's men. Ronin is very young in mmind as well as body and just overfilled with a longing for vengeance for his fallen family.

Kalial and Ronin meet in the forest, and Ronin believes Kalial to be a young boy. I agree with many other reviewers that it takes a bit too long for Ronin to figure out the truth about Kalial's identity. However, so much happens to this pair, that I really fell into this love story. They grew to love each other, not just lust after the physical appearances. They also learned from each other and became better versions of themselves because of it. I would just sometimes get frustrated in the lack of communication between the two main characters. This happens so often with romances though, I am getting used to it.

I only had a few problems with the book. First, the point of view changed very frequently without any distinction that it was happening. I would have to go back and restart paragraphs because I would get confused. There were A LOT of intimate scenes. And those intimate scenes were very vivid. Those scenes would also get me frustrated in how they were described. Parts would be super cheesy in describing things similar to nature or similar, and then words would come in more blunt like "ass". I would transition from laughter to slightly grossed out. However, when I skip those scenes, I love the rest of the book.

This was a great random find for me at my local library. I was just walking down the romance aisle, and found the 4th in this series. It sounded like my kind of read. I am excited to continue the series.