Deceived by a Duke

Deceived by a Duke - Erin Knightley Another adorable short story from Erin Knightley. We are taken to somewhere a little more exotic... SPAIN!!

Libby is a very fun and happy person who mostly just seems to enjoy life. She does have some sad points in her life, but I love how it doesn't take her personality away. She is also multilingual.

Phillip is a Duke on a mission to help his younger brother escape the bad life he is leading. So he decides to take his brother to Spain, away from all of the bad influences. While there, he plans to hide his status to get a breather from it.

Libby helps interpret for the brothers, and then the two traveling parties site-see together. It's very cute.

I think this would have been a little better as a full length novel. It just seemed slightly rushed. All in all though, it was nothing surprising from Erin Knightley, who seems to continually put out hits.