A Reason to Love

A Reason to Love - Alexis Morgan I was lucky enough to get this book ahead of time from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

Normally, contemporary romances aren't really my thing. I receive Alexis Morgan's newsletters because I am in love with her fantasy romance series, Warriors of the Mist. I love her writing style so well, I decided I'd give this book a try since she offered the free ARC.

The things I didn't like:
1. The cursing. Normally, I can handle a little of this, but I did feel it was pretty extravagant. I almost felt it took away from the book.
2. The speed of the romance. First, they were like acquaintances which turned into friends with benefits pretty quickly. Then out of nowhere we figure out that they're in love. Then not even 5 minutes after declaring their love for each other, he's proposing! It seemed way too fast for a contemporary romance.

The things I did like:
1. Both characters were dealing with their own issues and confided in each other and helped each other as much as they could.
2. The military influence of the book. I loved the whole "soldier incorrectly determined dead who comes back and has to figure his life out" thing. It was a romantic theme.
3. The small town of Snowberry Creek sounded so adorable. I want to go live there!

Reading the last book for the whole series first usually isn't my sort of thing. Regardless, I didn't feel lost in the story line at all. Nothing was confusing, and it was very sweet. I didn't put it down very often.