Possession - Lynne Ewing, Suza Scalora These books are getting better and better. All of the problems I've had with the first books of the series are few and far between now.

Serena has quite the adventure in this book. She is slowly becoming possessed (haha shocker from the title). What I really liked was that Serena recognised things were wrong and went to her friends for help. It had frustrated me in the past when the girls just wouldn't communicate to each other what was wrong.

The fact that Serena is still in love with Stanton is hard to swallow. He's evil by choice now and still over a hundred years old. It's like Bella and Edward from Twilight. Oh but it's not gross because he looks her age because of immortality. <- [that was meant to be said with sarcasm]. Nope I'm sorry the situation is still pretty disgusting.<br/>
However, past that, there is a lot of action in this book. I also was able to follow the fight scenes a little better because they were mostly mind control contests. In a lot of these books the just describe their combined power as a force that is a bright light. But since they can't be violent with their attacks it doesn't make any sense. Since I've been reading more advanced books with very intricate and amazing magic systems (Brandon Sanderson, Brent Weeks, Terry Brooks), this just seems so lazy.

It is still taking me back to my teenage years with these rereads though. I am glad I'm doing it and excited to see what happens at the very end.