The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice - Lynne Ewing It's always a little exciting to be in the Point of View of the bad guys. The Sacrifice lets us look through the eyes of Stanton. His love for Serena is great, and he tries to stay away from her for her own safety.

I still think the whole love situation between a 16 year old girl and a guy who has lived for hundreds of years is weird. Just because he looks like a teenager, doesn't mean its any less disgusting. And when Stanton tries to convert a girl who doesn't look much older than 14, its really gross. If I ignore those things though, I like the story better.

Things do progress almost too quickly in these books. At one point, the four goddesses release Stanton from the evil that has hold of him. Then they party right after to celebrate. It doesn't seem like even an hour passes and the girls are fine to let him leave on his own. Especially when he has no powers to defend himself. Then when they lose Catty, they all blame him?? What is that?? He had no powers and didn't personally involve them at all in the battle.

What's funny is I don't know what it is that still makes me like this book. I have so many problems with it but I still liked it. Maybe it's the bad boy who is trying to do his best thing that has me. I don't know.