Daughters of the Moon, Book #3: Night Shade

Daughters of the Moon, Book #3: Night Shade - Lynne Ewing This book was interesting. I realized that a lot of the gang references went right over my head when I read it the first time. Now that I'm older and have learned about those things, some parts of the book didn't make sense. Like how she left her gang but they still liked her. Usually it's pretty hard to get out of a gang.

Jimena is a tough girl who can take care of herself. She is very street smart. I felt that she handled Veto's reappearance odd. It really didn't seem that shocking for her.

Also, I am getting a little frustrated with how much detail is going into clothing descriptions again. I have no idea how this didn't annoy me when I was younger. Also, the four friends all get together to meet up, and they get food or something, then they leave super fast. If I was going to make a plan to hang out with my friends, I wouldn't leave after five minutes.

I still love the Greek mythology references. I did like Jimena's journey into Tartarus, but again the whole thing seemed way to fast and easy. I also am not a big fan of live people and dead people getting together. It just weirds me out.

Speaking of weirdness, the relationship between Serena and Stanton?? He's like a bazilion years old but it's ok to be with a 16 year old girl because he looks like a teenager? It's like Twilight. That's gross. Creepy old men.