The Rogue Pirate's Bride

The Rogue Pirate's Bride - Shana Galen This was a very good end to the trilogy. The story was very interesting and exciting! I do have a love for books about pirates and their adventures. Especially when a woman comes into his life and somehow makes a place in his heart.

Raeven (I LOVED her name) was awesome. She had many skills with a sword and could do almost anything on a ship. I love able bodied females. To often, the female character is the damsel in distress or tries to help the male lead but just ends up getting in the way. Raeven was a very capable woman and I loved that about her.

Bastien was the perfect pirate. He was a skilled captain who also wasn't ruthless. His pursuit for revenge was intriguing. I loved how he called Raeven his cabin girl, and how after only a short amount of time, he knew her well enough to predict what she would do.

Like I said before this was a lovely end to the trilogy. Without saying too much in spoilers, everything is summed up quite nicely. I only wish there had been a little more to the epilogue than there was.