Where the Heart Leads

Where the Heart Leads - Stephanie Laurens This book was a struggle for me to finish. It just didn't have that appeal to me where I couldn't stop thinking about it or put it down. I would go for days without reading anything.

The weird thing for me is I'm not all that into mysteries or investigative type books. However, the romance was so bad in it, that the investigation was the only reason I finished the thing. I wanted to know who the culprit was and whether or not they captured him and saved all the kidnapped boys.

I have to say that I loved Barnaby Adair. He was strong and intelligent and charming and intuitive. He was such a great guy and investigator. Penelope was absolutely annoying! In her craziness to remain independent of men she swears off love and marriage all together? That's just dumb. Obviously if your independence is so important to you, you wouldn't fall for a guy who wouldn't give you that freedom. She always had to be involved and sometimes that made things more difficult for the guys to get their job done and keep them safe at the same time.

Also, for such intelligent characters as these two played, with all the intimacy they were involved in, you'd think that at least once they'd show some concern with her getting pregnant. Not once is that even mentioned as an incentive for her to marry him.

This is definitely not a book I would recommend. But I can see the right type of reader really enjoying this book. Laurens is a good story teller, and I had no issues with her writing style. The story itself just wasn't really my cup of tea.