The Baron Next Door

The Baron Next Door - Erin Knightley And Erin Knightley does it again! This woman cannot write a book I don't absolutely love! After reading Flirting with Fortune, and getting the first chapter of The Baron Next Door I have been dying to read this book. It did not disappoint!

Of course I had to reread the first chapter again, and I got me so excited to read this story. However, after that amazing chapter things slowed way down. I will admit that the only thing I disliked about this book was how slow it was after the first chapter. I was really expecting the two leads to "prank" each other more.

I did enjoy that Charity made some great friends for the music festival, but I am torn. Sometimes I felt there was too much of the friendship and not enough interaction between Hugh and Charity. Other times I felt everything was just right.

What makes this book stand apart from the rest is like all of Erin Knightley's books, there are not any sex scenes. For me this is golden, but for others it might be a negative. Also, ever since A Taste of Scandal, I think a lot of Knightley's fans have been wondering what happened to sweet Charity. This book was perfect for her because the one man who couldn't stand her music set himself apart from the rest. There were a lot of cultural references as well, which I think will intensify in the third book to this series. As always, the romances are so real in Knightley's books. They always make me fall for the guy. This book was just splendid!

Hugh was my favorite type of hero. He has troubles and feels he doesn't deserve the woman he loves because he thinks she deserves better. These types always steal my heart because they give up what they want more than anything in the world for the person they love to be happy. Such sacrifice is so romantic.

Charity is just an absolute sweetheart that I totally related to. She is always the dutiful daughter and never is rude. I feel like I hold back from saying mean things to people who deserve it all the time. However, she and I like to avoid conflict. We admire the strong people who say what they feel and wish we could be more like them. Charity did find her backbone in this story though when it really mattered, and I adored her for it.

Fantastic read! I'm sure I will read it again!