Ruined by a Rake

Ruined by a Rake - Erin Knightley First things first.... ERIN KNIGHTLEY NEVER EVER DISAPPOINTS!

I have absolutely LOVED every book she has put out. She made me fall in love, again!

Nicolas is the perfect man. He is perfect because he puts his love first. He would rather ruin his entire life, for Eleanor to have a happy one. He took my heart:)

Eleanor id put into a difficult situation and tries to do what's best. Mostly, she is just trying to protect her younger sister. When she realizes what Nicolas means to her, she is brave enough to face her fears for him.

Considering this is just a novella, it's incredible the love story inside it. When novellas are this good, I always seem to be surprised. Maybe, with Erin Knightley, I should just get used to the amazingness!!