A Taste for Scandal

A Taste for Scandal - Erin Knightley I'm surprised and at the same time not surprised at how much I loved this book. The reason I am surprised is because when I sat back and thought about the book's plot, it seemed so very boring. I mean, most of the book was in a bakery making goodies. Why I am not surprised though is because after I read More Than a Stranger (this book's prequel) I knew that Erin Knightley was an amazing writer.

Even though the plot line seems pretty dry, Knightley made their love story so real. I truly felt that the characters had fallen in love, and I found myself laughing a lot. Her characters are very easy to love and I found myself wondering what happens to the others, like Richard's little sister Beatrice (who I am reading about now in Flirting with Fortune).

Outside of the love story, my favorite part of this book was the relationship between Jane and her mother. It was so beautiful! It made me want to cry over and over and reminded me of the great relationship I have with my Mom. I couldn't imagine going through what Jane did.

Lastly, I love that I got to read a romance without having to skip the private scenes. The thing I love about historical romances is the plot line for the couples to fall in love. But when things start heading for those private moments, I always get uncomfortable that I'm intruding. Both this book and More Than a Stranger didn't make me uncomfortable at all. It was refreshing. However, I know that for many others this may be a drawback instead of a good thing. I was appreciative of it.

While I do feel like some of the happenings in this book would not have actually happened in regency era England, I loved it all the same. I cannot wait to continue this amazing series!