Flirting with Fortune

Flirting with Fortune - Erin Knightley This book was an absolute delight to read. It was very romantic and funny. The characters were very interesting, and I loved getting to know them. Colin was a very honorable gentleman put into a horrible situation, and I admired the way he handled everything, especially concerning Richard. Beatrice was a very animated girl, and I loved that she was so outgoing. Her attitude to go for what she wants was refreshing. Their romance was so very sweet that I was almost dreading the conflict that I knew was bound to come. Love cannot be proven to be strong without some difficulty in the relationship.

I truly cannot wait for the sequel to come out in June. The excerpt in the back already has me intrigued! After reading A Taste for Scandal I was hoping that Erin Knightley would write a story for Charity. What a great surprise!!