Reader and Raelynx

Reader and Raelynx - Sharon Shinn This was a great book. It was full of excitement! Princess Amalie's personality seemed perfect for her role as future queen as well as being the one Cammon falls for. Her personality is perfect for other reasons, too, but I don't like to give too many spoilers! Between the two of them was a cute romance, but it wasn't my favorite. Away from the romantic side of the story, the "battle" for Gillengaria was wonderful. Looking back on this book as well as the previous three, Sharon Shinn did an amazing job of progressing the conflict of magic users and magic haters all the while her characters finding love. Shinn is very talented. I felt though like this was the end of the series. I feel like everything concluded nicely. However, I know there is another book after this one. It just seems weird and I don't see where it can continue. Otherwise, I'm very glad to have read this series, and it has proven to me that I should read some of Shinn's other work.