A Week to Be Wicked

A Week to Be Wicked - Tessa Dare Oh I absolutely loved this book. The story was so creative, and the details really pulled everything together. There was adventure and comedy. Not to mention a woman who was a better shot then a man!

I was shocked at how much I loved Minerva. In the first book, she drove me absolutely crazy. I don't know what it was about her that bothered me so much, but I was dreading reading this book because of it. It turned out that I found a kindred spirit in her, and I felt her pains as if they were my own. I'm a huge science nerd (I'm an engineer actually) and I've grown up using glasses. My heart just fell for her over and over.

Colin lived up to the amazing hero. He was tortured from his past and felt he could never do anything right. I love it when men feel they don't deserve the things in life they truly desire. It's just a plot line I fall for over and over again. Colin turned out to be absolutely perfect for Minerva.

I loved so many things, Colin's consistency not to call Minerva by her proper name, the fight about missing gloves (even though it was a very short part in the book), the stories that Colin made up. This was a wonderful read and very entertaining.