A Night to Surrender

A Night to Surrender - Tessa Dare This was a pleasant read. It started off slow at first for me, but once it got good, I couldn't put it down.

I absolutely ADORED Susanna (except for her name... Not that I dislike the name Susanna, just that it didn't seem to fit her character)! She was such a caring person, and she loved helping anyone around her. She was also awesome in that she was an awesome shot. I love it when women do "manly" things better then men.

But what I love more then women excelling at manly pursuits, is the man who loves her for it. While Bram wasn't absolutely amazing, he was perfect for Susanna. The only part I dislike was his end decision to not go off to war for her. I just thought this change in character was too drastic and outside what I think he would do.

There was a little too much hanky panky going on in the book for me as well. But for some this may be a plus. Susanna seemed to give in to that way too easily for a proper miss.

Apart from all of that, I thought their love story was wonderful and I felt it. I really felt they loved each other, not just lusted after each other. I'm excited to continue the series and maybe find out what happens to some side characters:)

Not my all time favorite of Tessa Dare's books (but it would be hard for her to top Three Nights with a Scoundrel), but still a good read.