I Married the Duke

I Married the Duke - Katharine Ashe This is the best Katharine Ashe book I've read thus far. I was really intrigued as to which sister marries the prince and discovers who their parents were. Honestly though, that is probably the only reason I will read the next two books.

This book just seemed to drag on and on. Many of the conversations lost me in what was happening. It's like Ashe just assumes that you know what the characters are thinking. Some of the time I figured it out, but several times, they would make a realization and I would have no clue what happened.

I did love Arabella. She was strong, and she took care of things on her own. She was a truly good person. She definitely deserved love.

Luc drove me absolutely nuts. He was too proud. He wouldn't talk to Arabella about anything important even though he knew he should. There were so many times I just wanted to go into the book and punch him in the face.

There was a lot of exciting scenes where the main characters had to fight for their lives. There was an evil guy who was behind everything and that confrontation was pretty good.

All in all, I just want to know what happens with the sisters finding out their past. This wasn't even that large of a portion of this book. After this series however, I will not be reading any more of Katharine Ashe's books.