Spy's Honor

Spy's Honor - Amy Raby Wonderful!!! I loved every page of this book. I got it from the library, and I will be purchasing it soon along with Assassin's Gambit.

Amy Raby shows such talent with her ability to create a world so detailed with a magic system that is also very unique. She was also smart to leave that magic system not completely explained, and we can learn more and more about it as we continue to read the series. This shows promise as a fantasy writer.

On the romance side, Raby captures the emotions of both the hero and heroine perfectly. I love that neither of them were willing to give up their morals or their kingdoms for the other. This made it more real because that's how good monarchs would actually behave. She also showed growth in her characters in that they can forgive and admit when they themselves have done wrong. This made the romance more truthful and beautiful.

I am eagerly awaiting Prince's Fire which will be released April 2014 (which happens to be my birth month, so maybe it'll be my birthday present to myself;)). This series is phenomenal on it's own and then to add in that this is the author's second book, shows that Amy Raby will become one of the greats!

I highly recommend this book to epic romance enthusiasts (who are adults!).