Mystic and Rider

Mystic and Rider - Sharon Shinn This was a great book. It's one I'd like to read again. The only thing that made me decide to go for a four instead of a 5 star rating was that I felt the love story took too long to get to. For awhile, I thought it would never get there. Also, when the love story portion came into play, I didn't feel it very much. On the fantasy side of things it was phenomenal. I believe I heard somewhere (probably Steven King if I remember correctly) that great books never revel all their secrets at once. Senneth's mysterious past is given to the reader and the rest of the company very slowly. I loved that! The funny thing for me though was that I figured out many of those secrets before they were revealed. This wasn't a bad thing though because it just made me anxious to find out how the other characters would react to what I suspected would happen. It was a great read and I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves the fantasy and romance genres. I will be reading it's sequel soon!