The One

The One  - Kiera Cass I must say that this series has been a love hate relationship for me. While I just had to know how it ended, America drove me absolutely crazy. This whole book I kept thinking, "America, just be up front with Maxon about Aspen.If you don't everything is going to explode and in a bad way." And I just hate it when people hold their emotions to themselves. If you love someone tell them! It'll make for a lot less heartache. I just was very frustrated.

The whole series I've hated this love triangle. Oh it drove me nuts. And the story felt dragged out. I don't think this should have taken three books. In all honesty, a lot of this book felt like fluff until the very end. There were some really exciting bits about the rebels and such, but I was only reading through that to find out the decision.

I feel bad that I felt this way. I think if I wasn't so impatient to figure out who Maxon picked, I would have enjoyed the rest so much more. This book did not frustrate me as much as The Elite, thank goodness. I'm glad this is all over. Maybe this just wasn't for a woman my age to read.