Any Duchess Will Do

Any Duchess Will Do  - Tessa Dare I would consider this book to be quite the fairy tale mix, between Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast (with a touch of Pretty Woman). The differences mainly are that Pauline doesn't have evil stepsisters, Griff is far from an ugly beast, and well the lack of magical fantasy. However, the end result was wonderful! I loved this story!

Pauline is a barmaid at the Bull and Blossom in Spindle Cove. She is trying to make enough money to start her own library (quite the "Beauty" wouldn't you say?) so that she can support herself and her sister. Pauline is an absolute sweetheart who wears her heart on her sleeve (I LOVED that about her) and really cares for others.

Griff used to be quite the rake, as we learned in A Week to be Wicked. However, some hard events happened upon this poor fellow since then that have truly changed him. He is quite tortured, but he keeps it all to himself. He even has a secret room in his ducal mansion that he won't share with anyone (seems a little beastly to me). Deeply ingrained within him is quite a nice guy, though he doesn't own up to it.

Enter in the fairy godmother so to speak is Griff's mother. Since she lacks magical help, she drugs her son and whisks him of to Spindle Cove with quite a plan. He must choose one girl from all of the ladies in the town, and his mother will train her to become the perfect duchess. They agree that he'll marry the girl if she becomes a star of the ton, or his mother must stop hassling him about marriage if the girl doesn't wow society. Griff (thinking himself quite clever) chooses Pauline.

Upon meeting Pauline's horrible father, Griff strikes an arrangement with Pauline. He'll pay her a vast sum of money if she will prove to be a disaster and to distract his mother. Pauline agrees, but only for a week so she can get back to her sister.

And so begins a quite charming and funny tale of the two who are so very apart in their social standings. They fall so very much in love and I adored every word of it.

Ok I have to be honest though... There was a certain section that I did not care for. (Happily it really didn't have too much to do with our lead characters.) Minerva and Colin have a conversation in part of one chapter that was absolutely horrid. It was crazy cheesy and Colin just didn't sound at all like himself. I do however, choose to ignore this part of the book in my review rating because the rest of the book was great.

I know that Tessa Dare has started a new series, but I do hope someday that she'll return to Spindle Cove. I would want to see Charlotte and Sally find romance. They were a couple of my favorites.