On the Way to the Wedding

On the Way to the Wedding - Julia Quinn And we have the last of the Bridgerton clan, Gregory. This book was much better the second time through than I remember from the first. I really felt that Julia Quinn played around a lot with this book. The first time I read it, I don't think I realized what she was doing and just became very annoyed. But this time, I found it absolutely hilarious!

Gregory fully believes in true love. How can he not when all seven of his siblings were blissfully and happily attached? He truly thinks that when it happens to him that it will be love at first sight. When he attends his Sister-in-Law's country gathering, Gregory falls head over heels for Hermione Watson. The funny part is that it happens while he glimpses her neck.

Lucy Abernathy is Hermione's closest friend, and she isn't a bit surprised that Mr. Bridgerton falls like all the rest for her gorgeous friend. Lucy actually tries to help Gregory win Hermione's love because she calls him the lesser of two evils. You see Hermione is in love with her father's secretary, and her parents would never approve.

Gregory struggles to get Lucy's attention and finds it difficult to keep up conversation with her. He doesn't realize how easy it is for he and Lucy to converse. They even begin to tease each other. I found it very wonderful that their thinking was so very similar.

Well, Gregory eventually figures out he is interested in Lucy and not Hermione (which the events are exciting but I don't want to give any spoilers away). Then the two have more hurdles to jump before any sort of Happily Ever After is in sight.

I loved how similar Lucy and Gregory were and how different at the same time. They fit together perfectly. Gregory didn't come off as whiny as I remembered from the first read. Lucy is just an absolute sweetheart who is always trying to make the people she loves around her happy. She does this to the point where she sacrifices her own happiness for it. I found I related to her a lot except for her OCD.

I did really love this book more this time around, and because of that I bumped up my rating to 5 stars. Julia Quinn is a master at historical romances. I can't wait for the last to come out of the Smythe-Smith Quartet!