The Becoming

The Becoming - Lynne Ewing

This has to be the best of this series thus far. It made Tianna my favorite of the girls. She wasn't completely distracted by boys, which was so refreshing. She was very protective of those she loves. It was also nice to see that the five Daughters actually got together and spent time trying to figure out what was going on. In all of the previous books, they would talk about it for like five minutes and then walk irrationally into danger.

After this reread I can now see why Lynne Ewing thought this was a good finale to the series. She probably could have just finished with this book if she had done some sort of epilogue to see what the future held for the characters. Unfortunately she ended right after the action completed and left everyone hanging. I'm shocked she wasn't prepared for all her readers to beg for another book.

And now finally to finish this juvenile series...