The Earl I Adore

The Earl I Adore - Erin Knightley

I was lucky enough to be sent an ARC of this book for an honest review.


Where to begin? Hmmm... well I'll start with the fact that I've read all of Erin Knightley's books. While they are all wonderful, none have come close to the first that I read, More Than A Stranger. I was very surprised that I loved this book more than her first. This was surprising to me because the synopsis really had me thinking it wouldn't be all that good.


Boy am I glad I was wrong! I couldn't put this book down. I think that it's mainly because of Sophie. She's just so NORMAL! She gets tongue-tied when she's around the man she's been crushing on for the last two years. She trips occasionally. When she's comfortable around people she sometimes cannot stop talking. She was an absolute delight to read about.


Evan was the perfect gentleman. He's hiding a dark family secret and rarely lets anyone too close. He lets his guard down around Sophie though. He is so sweet and never seems to get mad. Until he DOES get mad and it was a sight to see. I like that Evan describes Sophie's beauty as one in motion. It's her expressions and mannerisms when she's just being herself that set her apart from the rest.


As for the romance, the two fit together so perfectly. When you read Erin Knightley's books you can always expect a Happily Ever After. This one had me smiling for hours after I finished. But the journey to get there was somewhat unexpected. As always, I cannot wait to read more! July cannot come fast enough!