Say Yes to the Marquess

Say Yes to the Marquess: Castles Ever After - Tessa Dare

LOVE LOVE LOVE! This was an incredible read:)

Well, for my last read of 2014, the year ended on a fantastic note! This book is my second favorite of Tessa Dare's books. Three Nights with a Scoundrel is very hard to beat though.

Miss Clio has been engaged for about eight years. Eight Years?! That's long even for today's customs. Unfortunately her fiance has been traveling, leaving Clio to all the ridicule of the ton on her own. Until her uncle gives her a castle upon his death.

Now with a way to support herself and a plan, she decides to claim her independence and break off the never ending engagement. (Whoot whoot!) This puts Rafe (the fiance's brother) in a bad situation. He has been taking care of his brother's affairs while he travels, and he does not want this to prevent his brother's return. So he tries to convince Clio to marry his brother anyway.

Clio was incredible and reminded me so much of me! She loved her castle with it's hidden passageways. She slid around the floor in her stockings. She was very polite and sweet, but she had a fun side, too. Rafe honestly reminded me a lot of my husband who has A.D.D. He struggles sitting still and just relaxing. He always needs to be doing something. School learning was a bit difficult for him. Anyways, I really connected to the characters because it seemed close to home.

I'm excited for the next Castles Ever After installment already!