Her Mad Hatter, Gerard's Beauty, & Red and Her Wolf

Kingdom Collection: Books 1-3: Kingdom Series (Volume 1) - Marie Hall

Her Mad Hatter

This was a lot better than I anticipated:) It was a great kick-start into 2015! This book was free on bn.com early last year when I found it. I'm glad I finally got around to reading it.

The book was shorter than I would have liked. I wanted to delve more into wonderland with Alice and Hatter. Their love for each other was cute. Her's stemmed from her obsession with all things Alice in Wonderland and a hallucination she had of him as a young girl. Hatter always knew his soul mate would be an Alice, and the fairy has been trying for many years to find the right one. They've all left poor hatter and he is heartbroken from the failures.

There is quite a bit of struggle for them to find their happily ever after. And even now I'm not 100% sure Kingdom is a real place or a manifestation of Alice's mind. You'll have to determine that for yourself ;)

I'm excited to read Gerard's story next!


Gerard's Beauty

This was a delightful sequel to Her Mad Hatter:)


This was a twist on the Beauty and the Beast story. It was about Gerard (Oh wait, that might not ring any bells because his name was changed to Gaston in the version you may know). Unfortunately, he is quite the player who scorned the wrong woman. Now everyone thinks that Belle was some sweet and lovely girl. I loved this twist to the tail.


Danika finds his match... but she's a librarian! He can't believe it. She reminds him a little too much of Belle who broke his heart. But they are stuck together, because of some weird fairy land law and as consequence of his being a player to yet another woman. The guy can't seem to catch a break, but he did bring it upon himself a little.


The story was very entertaining and endearing. I love twisted fairytales!


Red and Her Wolf

Let's see, in this installment of Kingdom, we meet Ewan(The Big Bad Wolf) from Red Riding Hood. The book begins with him following an evil fairy who wants Violet (Red Riding Hood) dead because of her powers. But when he sees Violet, he recognizes her as his mate so he switches sides to try to defend her. All in all, Violet is taken away for her safety, and thus separated from Ewan. It absolutely kills him and he has been looking for her ever since.


Violet grew up with these memories of a big wolf killing someone she loved. With these misplaced memories, she seems to constantly want revenge on the wolves. Ewan finally finds Violet, but then the two must journey through kingdom to fight the evil fairy.

This back story was a little over complicated to me. I also wasn't too big a fan about the usual wolf love scenario (he marked her at one point). I don't like when it feels there isn't a choice in the matter. But in some way I liked the love story. Don't have really any clue why though, ha.