The Selection Stories: The Prince & the Guard

The Selection Stories: The Prince & the Guard - Kiera Cass I really enjoyed The Prince. It was interesting to peer a little into Maxon's head. He's the guy I'm rooting for to win America's heart. I feel like I understand him a little more. It was refreshing to realize how nervous he was about the whole situation.

The Guard really threw me for a loop. I was completely against Aspen's attentions towards America because he acted stupidly to let her go. Unfortunately, this story made me feel for him a little. Dang it, I didn't want to like the guy so much.

What I did like was that I now see that for he guy that America does not end up with, he has someone else. Aspen doesn't quite realize it, and Maxon is so stressed to make a bad choice for himself and his kingdom. As long as Maxon does not choose Celeste, I think he should be good. I don't know. Whatever, I'll be excited to read the conclusion.