The Secret Scroll

The Secret Scroll - Lynne Ewing Just as remembered from the first time I read this book, Catty and her story are my favorites. I was more into this story than I was into the previous three.

Catty is a very unique and fun girl who has no memory from before the day when her adoptive mother found her walking alone in the middle of a desert on the highway. Now, about ten years later, she receives a call that her birth mother has died and she needs to take care of the remains. This event flips Catty's world upside down as she finally has some clue as to her past.

Her adventure from then on was pretty fun to unravel. However, I was again frustrated with some of the writing. There was a little too much description of what everyone is wearing, but it wasn't as bad as the previous books. The friends would still meet up and talk for about a total of 5 minutes (and that's being generous) and then one of them just takes off. It's weird.

I am excited to be rereading these books though as it is a trip down memory lane. After this one, I think the others will be more like reading them for the first time because I don't remember the stories as well. We will see.