Archer's Sin

Archer's Sin - Amy Raby Luckily for me, I was able to Beta Read this for Amy Raby. (That in and of itself was pretty exciting for me!)

Anyways, first of all, as an archer myself, the fact that this book was completely about an archery tournament really had me pumped up for the story. I was not disappointed!

As for the characters, Nalica has become my favorite female thus far in the Hearts and Thrones Series. She's strong and confident in herself, but not in an annoying way. She also shows her feminine side, too. I found this to be so awesome because even the toughest of women have their weak points. Justien, was every bit the great guy we all fall for. He's strong and confident, too (however, at the beginning maybe a little too confident, but he grows from that and it proves to be pretty funny.) He also does what's right, even though it may take him a little bit of thought to determine what he feels is right.

As far as the story line, it wasn't solely about the archery tournament, which I was happy to discover as well. I always like being surprised by a book.

This is a great short story, and I would suggest that if anyone was interested in trying out Amy Raby, this would be a good place to see if you like her writing style. However, this novella does come between the first and third books chronologically. It would be a spoiler for Assassin's Gambit. However, it really doesn't spoil anything from the second book. So if you're crazy about reading things in order, start with Spy's Honor, then read Assasin's Gambit, then Archer's Sin, then Prince's Fire.

I will be buying the final version, because I want to support this fantastic author, and just because that's what would be right.