River of Dreams

River of Dreams - Lynn Kurland Oh, how I love this series. Overall, these books are fantastic in that they have everything I love. There is magic in a fantasy type world, There are battles and excitement. Then there is the love story. There is also a bit of mystery.

Runach was the perfect hero as he had been before in Dreamspinner. (However, he could never amount up to Miach for me.) Some amazing things happen to him in this book, but I have to say I wasn't surprised. I was expecting those things to happen in this book or the next.

Aisling frustrated me a little bit. She tends to push aside the hard things in her life to deal with at a later time. She also takes too much time to figure things out. But she is quite the curious and sweet girl. I just wish she wasn't so timid about her life.

I must say that I'm super bummed that I have to wait almost an entire year to read the final book to this trilogy. That's the problem with catching up to the author. Until then!