Romancing the Duke

Romancing the Duke  - Tessa Dare This was one of Tessa Dare's best! I loved it from beginning to end. It was romantic and funny and a little magical what with the Goodnight Tales.

Izzy is the daughter of the late author of the Goodnight Tales. The Tales are a very popular series of bedtimes stories that the author tells to a nine year old Izzy to help her fall asleep. Now that little Izzy has all grown up, she struggles with the little girl conception that follows her. The Tales even have a following where people dress up and have secret orders. Since she was raised in a world of fairy tales, Izzy has always dreamed of her own fairy tale though she does realize the realities.

The beginning of her story is when her godfather leaves her a castle upon his death. As glamourous as that might sound, the castle is completely worn down and it comes with a surprised grumpy Duke. His name is Ransom and the surprise that his castle was sold has him very angry. Izzy is strong and stubborn though and refuses to leave so that they can get to the bottom of whether or not the castle is actually hers.

The story from this point on is very realistic and has it's own touch of fairy tale whimsy. I adored so much of it. Can't wait for the series to continue!