Unfettered - Shawn Speakman, Terry Brooks, Patrick Rothfuss, Tad Williams The most important is that this book means more than just the stories it contains. It is a gathering of the fantasy community to help one of it's own battle something of this real world. Cancer is absolutely horrible and horrifying. It affects everyone in some way. Everyone. My own father has battled Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and he is my hero for it. I used to be so scared that he wouldn't be around for many of the mile stones in my life. (I was selfish, but it was all I could think about.) I wish only the best for Shawn Speakman in this never ending battle he now faces.

As far as the collection of stories themselves, I enjoyed many of them. There were several that have given me interest to read more from the author. There were also some stories I did not like and one of which I didn't even finish. I don't think this says anything bad though about those authors and their writings. It/they just weren't for me. Below are the comments I made while reading this anthology:

"The last story I've read was by Kevin Hearne called The Perilous Chapel. It has been by far my favorite story in this collection. I may have to read more of his books later."

"I just finished Select Mode, and I really enjoyed it:)"

"I loved the cat story:)"

"Unbowed was a very good short story. I really enjoyed it."

"I finally got to the Wheel of Time short story. It was much much too short. I felt like there could have been more. Otherwise I liked it. I was curious as to whether this was from before the series or after. But I guess since there are neither beginnings nor ends to the wheel of time, it must be both."

"I loved the Jester! Actually, I liked the story so much I may have to read the rest of the series:) Hadrian and Royce seem like very interesting characters."

"I really disliked this last story. It was like a mix between an ancient greek champion versus champion battle, all kinds of magical creatures who really don't play any role, magic, cussing, and a lot of references to modern day US. Plus the story itself was just pointless to me."

"I loved Terry Brooks' story of Walker and the Shade of Allanon. Mostly only because it makes me want to reread the Shannara books. They were amazing:) One story left!"

Lastly, of course was Shawn Speakman's contribution. It was a fantasy world interacting with catholic Rome. I usually don't like this sort of thing. Normally, I like my fantasy books to take me far away from reality. Another negative was the vampires And later vampire zombies which I think is just dumb I usually hate vampires. But I found myself really liking Charles. He just seemed really interesting and I would like to know of his other adventures. The story was also exciting and tried to tie into some biblical references. Oddly, I did enjoy his story despite the usual ingredients that deter me. Everyone in the fantasy community should buy and read this book. Not only will you find good stories, but we should all stick together!