The Diamond Secret

The Diamond Secret - Suzanne Weyn, Larry Rostant, Mahlon F. Craft As much as I enjoyed reading this book, I still felt it was missing something. While it was very similar to the cartoon movie, I'm not to sure that was the problem.

Most everyone knows the story of the Russian princess who might have escaped the murder of the Romanov family. Nadya, doesn't remember anything about her life before about a year prior. Two guys, Ivan and Sergei, meet her when she serves them at a restaurant. They believe she will be perfect to pose as the lost Anastasia. They are both looking for reward money for different reasons.

Because she can't remember her past, Nadya agrees to travel with them to Paris in the hopes of maybe finding her family and her past. Along the way the three become friends. They undergo some interesting adventures.

Ivan is troubled from his past in the military and he was there when the royals' bodies were being buried. He regrets the things he's been apart of and now he's considered a deserter. The money he trying for as a reward he hopes will start him on a new life away from Russia. Well, while Nadya and Ivan makes this journey together, they realize they have feelings for each other.

The romance was very sweet. It was one of the better of the Once Upon a Time series.