Dreamspinner - Lynn Kurland This is the second time I've read this book. I needed to reread it so that I could read it's sequel so I could remember what was going on. This books was just as good the second time as it was for the first.

I absolutely love the world of the Nine Kingdoms. The history and the people are all just wonderful.

As for this particular book, Aisling is such a sweetie who is just ignorant of the world. At first she comes off annoying to me, but as she finds strength in herself, I find I love her more and more.

Runach is a very charming man once he remembers the manners his mother taught him! Eventhough he keeps telling himself that Aisling's troubles aren't his own, he continues to aid her in her quest. It's endearing because we know all he wants is a simple life away from his past, but he ends up putting others before himself.

The quest itself is a confusing one. Sometimes the characters reference to things and I don't follow exactly what's being talked about. Maybe these things will all piece together in the later books. There is a lot of excitement in this book, which I love because what's an adventure if there isn't some parts that make you bite your nails while reading about them?

Can't wait to start the sequel!