The Choice

The Choice - Lynne Ewing

I read this over a week ago I think... I don't know why it took me so long to get to writing this review.

This book focuses on Jimena. I really liked it in that it was pretty action packed, and the playing with time was pretty fun. For the first time, the ending of the book threw me for a loop and has me highly anticipating the next book to see what happens.

And now for the venting portion...
These girls are so easily distracted, especially by boys. It's really annoying. They are in the middle of life and death situations ready to battle or trying to decide what to do, then a boy shows up and they all scatter and flirt and forget about the important stuff.

Conversations always seem extremely short and they always leave shortly after arriving anywhere. I've also noticed that they avoid responsibility and never plan things out. They show up to do battle with the evil person and they wear skimpy little outfits with high heel shoes. Then they complain later when they are running and have to run barefoot. 

It's definitely a preteen series. I can't imagine very many high school students relating or enjoying these books all that much. 

I still enjoy the Greek Mythology to their powers, and the books are definitely improving. Short little fun read.